Protect Your Loved Ones In The Event Of Death Or Critical Illness

At last! Personal Life & Critical Illness Cover Paid For By Your Limited Company

The Most Tax-Efficient Life & Critical Illness Insurance Policy On The Market

Now you can take personal Life Insurance and Critical Illness Cover with the tax efficiency of putting it through the business.

A Relevant Life with Critical Illness Plan offers some very special advantages to directors and employees of small limited companies, most notably tax efficiency. Whilst the cover is personal to you and your employees, the policy will count as a business expense so it’s tax deductible and does not count towards annual or lifetime pension allowances.

Relevant Life Insurance Cover

C&D - Relevant Life Insurance

Life Cover which provides security for your family

Pays a tax-free cash lump sum if you die

Financial peace of mind for you and your family

Relevant Life & Critical Illness Cover

C&D - Relevant Life Insurance

A tax-free cash lump sum if diagnosed with a defined critical illness

Protect against a major health crisis

Financial protection for you and your family


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Cover Benefits

Up To 50% Cheaper

Comprehensive cover that you and your family can benefit from but cheaper than conventional policies


The limited company pays for your life insurance premiums – not you.

Critical Illness

Was once only available if paid for personally. Not anymore! You can now include Critical Illness Cover within a Relevant Life Plan and enjoy the same tax benefits.

No National Insurance

You and the limited company do not have National Insurance contributions to pay

Tax Relief

The limited company pays the premiums and can claim corporation tax relief on the monthly payments saving 20%

Not A Benefit In Kind

The premiums are not classed as a benefit-in-kind or P11D benefit
C&D - Relevant Life Insurance

An Easy Way To Calculate Your Savings

Our simple and easy-to-use calculator will instantly break down all the cost-saving benefits of putting your personal life insurance, and critical illness cover through the business as an expense

Cover Features

Lifetime Pension

The benefit payment does not count towards your annual or lifetime pension allowances.

Amount Of Cover

Maximum account of cover is £10 million.

Inheritance Tax

Benefits usually free from inheritance tax.


Cover will be written into a trust free of charge.Trusts are not regulated by the FCA


ANNUAL PREMIUM£1,000£1,000
EMPLOYEE TAXNational Insurance contribution (assuming 2%)£34.48N/A
Income Tax (assuming 40%)£689.65N/A
EMPLOYER TAXNational Insurance contribution (assuming 13.8%)£237.93N/A
Less Corportation Tax (assuming 20%)-£392.41-£200
TOTAL COST£1,569.65£800

A saving of £769.95, which is almost 50%

An employer who wishes to treat Relevant Life Plan premiums as an allowable business expense should speak to their accountant, who may wish to liase with the employer’s local inspector of taxes.This example is provided for illustration purposes.

Up to 50% Cheaper Than Conventional Policies

“This is the biggest product to hit the insurance market in 30 years! It will revolutionise the savings that could be had for limited company owners and their staff. Imagine, comprehensive insurance that now includes critical illness cover that you and your family can benefit from, which can be up to 50% cheaper than conventional policies, and is the only tax efficient life and critical insurance policy on the market.”

Matt Sands – C&D Group Director



We know our stuff, having over 25 years of experience in the insurance market.

Peace Of Mind

Our in-house claims team will guide you or your loved ones through the claims process.


Our advice is fully approved and regulated by the financial conduct authority.

Customer Satisfaction

We have a large number of happy policyholders now benefiting from the tax-efficient relevant life & critical illness insurance.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

C&D - Relevant Life Insurance

“Thank you for helping me set up the level term insurance cover. I felt it was an unique product in the market that gave me a better level of protection compared to my existing cover at almost the same premium outlay. Thank you for all your assistance and clarifications at every step (not that there were too many) I felt it was a seamless transition and would not hesitate in recommending your services. ”

Shibu Kurian

C&D - Relevant Life Insurance

“Our experience with C&D has been flawless. A very professional and friendly company who were easy to work with. Every employee that we have encountered has been extremely helpful, especially Ash who has accommodated all our requests without hesitation and nothing was too much to ask for him. We always had extremely quick replies to any queries we had and everything was explained very clearly making the whole process seamless. ”

Andy Ross

C&D - Relevant Life Insurance

“Ash was a pleasure to work with and helped me to understand the complex options involved in various aspects of my insurance. He also helped me save a fair amount of money by moving some outgoings from personal to business ones which also reduced my tax as well. Would highly recommend.”

David Amour

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